Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FML when it comes to A&P

Epic fail. What? Failed - BIG TIME - my A&P midterm. Why do the teachers give you the grade at the beginning of class? I felt like shit through the entire lecture. Trying to do the math, adding up the required points needed to pass the class with a C - pathetic. Don't think it's possible.

It helps a little to know my friends that are nurses also failed A&P II. They graduated. They are now proud RNs working in hospitals and clinics.

It's just so damn devastating. It's so public too. Whenever you have a test everyone asks, "How'd you do??" And I have to respond, "Uh, I failed." Then they laugh, say yeah, right and then I have to prove it.

No, look at the freaking score (pass the scantron around) - then they make their "eek" face and mutter so sorry...

Next term will be two years I've been at school. TWO YEARS!! Still no degree, not even close. Granted, I switched majors, but the light at the end of this very long tunnel is just a speck of light. I'm feeling a bit lousy and want the weekend.

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