Friday, October 29, 2010

Washington DC Weekend

Starting Friday 10/29/2010

Waiting in Newark, NJ for my connection to DC.

Yes!! I made it to DC after a nearly 2 hour delay!! (For a 45 minute flight).

10/30/2010 - morning before the rally.

View of the Capitol outside my hotel.

Washington Monument

State Capitol Building

Me and Jess outside the Capitol Building.

Library of Congress (and the tour begins...)

Nancy Pelosi's office - we were not allowed in.

we're not allowed in the actual library...

... but we can take pictures through the doors

The Gutenberg Bible

in one of the grander halls (near where the bible is located)

And now...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Portland Rain

So peaceful. So pretty.

UFC 121

Last night was UFC 121 with the main event being Brock Lesnar defending his heavy weight championship title against Cain Velasquez and... HE LOST!! Ha ha ha... I do not dispute that Lesnar is a gifted athlete - he trains hard and has spent years with technical and determined trainers/coaches. What I can't stand is his WWE/WWF persona that he brings to the sport. Yes, there is some serious trash talking in MMA, but I don't like the character - the larger than life asshole that he plays.

David and I were very bored with the Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Brendan Schuab bout.

Velasquez broke Lesnar's face at 4:12 in the first round. It was called, after Lesnar was stumbling around the octagon. To my surprise, Lesnar was a good sport after the bout, and congratulated Velasquez.

Tony brought me back an official Hooter's Tank from his Vegas trip. Ha ha ha...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

my sister Vlogs!!

This is what happens when too many Eiden women get together:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Columbia Muddy Buddy Ride & Run

All I can say is WOW!!! My day started at 4:45am, as captain I called my girls (Kaleena and Holly) and was chauffeur. We arrived in Estacada around 6:45am - it was 42* and we were in costume...

Kaleena and I were so cold!! We had to wait for the costume contest to start at 7:30am.

We finally make it on stage and....

No one cheers for us :( NOW IT'S TIME TO RACE!!! I'll add the photos of us on the terrain when the event releases them. All I have is us after the race...

We were a bit disappointed in our time - 1hr 4min. Our goal was 1hr but we always have next year!! Holly arrived a bit later. She competed in the run only.

Overall it was a kick ass day. We had an intense work out in beautiful terrain. We didn't win the costume contest but it was awesome to be apart of such a great charity event.


(me, dead tired after the race)


The day after...


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flip Adventure

Tomorrow is the Muddy Buddy Ride/Run and my team 'Call Us Pumas, Not Cougars'; captain is yours truly and team mate is Kaleena, along with solo athletic diva Holly, had some running around to do in the prep/registration department.

First, we run by Kaleena's work to pick up her release form for the race.

Next, we meet up with Holly at her work.

Now we can make our way to Columbia Sportswear to drop off our release forms and pick up our team packets. But to our surprise, there was a live model in the window showcase.

We drop off our release forms, pick up our team packets and info but on the way out the 'Omni-Heat Freezer Tour' was happening. WTF is 'Omni-Heat Freezer Tour'? Good question. We decided to investigate and this is what we discovered: try on the new Omni-Heat jackets, stand in a freezer, get a free hat.

Excellent so far!! Dropped off our release forms, picked up our info packets, got a free hat... oh yeah, fake snow.

Becca's 26th Birthday Pre-Party

Becca turned 26!! I couldn't make the actual party at Club XV, but I could make it to the pre-funk/prep. Girls doing what we do best - gabbing and glaming.

(me with the birthday girl)

(me with Audrey)

(Becca playing hostess)

(me, Audrey & Becca)

why I don't cook

My George Foreman Grill was dirty and I was too tired (hung over) to clean it so I tried frying my sausage... and all I ended up doing was burning my breakfast. DAMN YOU DISHWASHER!! Or, damn me, because I forgot to start it...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


IT ARRIVED TODAY!! My Flip HD 8GB Video Camera!!!

(that's right - designed by ME!!)

(custom design - one of my favorite pictures of all time - Buddy, Sophie and Serena at Rockaway Beach, OR Feb. 14th, 2009)

(sorta looks like an old school game boy)