Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trunk (hatch) Bike Rack

I purchased a trunk rack for my bike. The instructions are shit but it shouldn't be too hard to put one of these things on my car, right?

Well, it feels secure but I'm concerned my front tire will bang against my car while I drive. Suggestions are welcomed!

Friday, June 18, 2010

eight times

He wrote "I'm sorry" eight times. He leaves in two days to go 6,700 miles around the world and won't return for weeks - but emails me today.

He has magic - he makes me feel like I'll never be good enough and finds a way to humble me in an instant. I wish I was a better more secure person. I wish I wasn't burdened with this broken heart.

I love him.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ok, grades for Spring Term 2010 just posted:

MTH65 Intro Algebra 2nd Term - C
Gentle Yoga - A
PSY201A Intro to Psychology 1st Term - A
WR122 English Composition - A
GPA: 3.38


Compared to Winter Term, where I failed two classes. Ahhh... breath easy Financial Aid. I know I was on academic warning for this term but - BAM!! I got'her done!!

PS: I'm watching "Michael Jackson's This Is It"
Ahh... he is missed.

Cambrige Who's Who - SCAM!!

I receive a phone call - at work - from a jovial young woman asking me to verify some information. I'm assuming it's a bank or broker about to question me about the dealership I work for but no - she has my email address, knows where I work, etc. She was calling from Cambridge Who's Who and guess what? CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've been selected.

Puzzled, I ask her how she got my information. Either I filled out an application (uh, no way) or I was found through a professional networking system (Huh? Linkedin?). Anyway, this woman starts explaining what this means, me being selected for the 2011 Cambridge Who's Who list: all these doors will open for me, I'll have people all over the United States knowing about my work history and education, possible scholarships and work promotions; I'll be listed on their website with my bio and all I have to do is choose between either the Gold or the Platinum membership.

Uh, what? I thought I was selected or won this title? Guess not! For a mere $799 up front and $199 for publishing I could be a Platinum member. This means I'll FOREVER be in the Cambridge Who's Who listing, I'll receive an airline voucher (worth up to $450!) and some other bullshit bonus of getting my name put on a Google, Yahoo and some other search engine. Or for the bargain price of only $599 up front and $100 at publishing become a Gold member. I get everything above except it's only good for 5 years.

I hung up.

The internet is a crazy place. Please don't ever call me again Cambridge Who's Who list. I don't care.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

parades, running and finals

Whew! Just finished 2 miles and wow! IT'S HOT OUTSIDE!! says it's 71* but when running on a major road, with cars zipping by and no shade, it feels a lot hotter!

Ok, today is the Portland Rose Festival's Grand Floral Parade. It started at 10am and they wanted $30 to go. Uh - PASS! The Cirque De Cycling at 3pm - bike riders in crazy costumes and floats over bikes!! Oh yeah, and it's free.

I'm hopefully meeting up with either my sisters and/or friends later to enjoy the Rhododendron Gardens or hang out by a pool (if it stays warm). All to prep for my final final this term!! Tomorrow, 9am is my math final.

PS: Pretty Woman is on. Ahhh, I love Richard and Julia.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

summer term, rainy days and bbqs

I guess I shouldn't be thinking about summer term starting (although it starts in 11 days), when I haven't finished Spring term. My last final is this Sunday morning - math. Ick. Wish me luck.

WTF is up with the rain, Portland? I know, I know - it rains in Portland but not like this!! It's freaking June all ready and I'm wearing a raincoat and have my umbrella. My dogs have attitude about going potty in the cold, rainy mornings before work and school - I'm over it!! I don't want it to be hellish hot - just bring me that wonderful 75*, breezy summer.

The next three Saturdays are booked with a bbq, a party and a birthday party bbq. Sweet, eh? I'm hoping the weather holds up. I need to mingle with my friends and get my summer started.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lost Without U - Robin Thicke

One of the sexiest songs!! The sensual woman in the video with Robin is his wife. And yes, Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke's son. The Dad, Jason Seaver, from "Growing Pains." Kudos Alan for making such a sultry songbird for son.

Brazil Butt Lift

I'm thinking I should investigate some more...

Monday, June 7, 2010

OMSI Science Pub talks about cheese, last day of WR122 and are handicap drivers special?

Katie invited me to the Bagdad this evening to enjoy the OMSI Science info on (drum roll please) CHEESE!! It was quite interesting. Lisabeth Gaddik from OSU did a two hour info and Q & A on cheese. How it's made, manufactured, dairy specifics, specialities, myths and so on.

This was after I turned in my FINAL paper for WR122!! I sincerely and thoroughly enjoyed this class. The instructor was very thought provoking, the class was eager to have open forum discussions on the text and it felt more like a bi-weekly meeting of the minds vs. a writing course.

I got 92/100 on my last paper (yes!!). I'm very pleased with this. That's the best grade on a paper this term.

And handicap driver, er, parkers - wtf? I really wish I would have snapped a picture but... someone parked in a handicap parking spot (they had the handicap parking pass, don't worry) but did the douche bag thing of taking up two handicap parking spots!! WTF??

Friday, June 4, 2010

ADN, BSN, cost of living - OH MY!!

I went to the OCNE/PCC nursing major meeting this evening.
I'm exhausted. I'm not discouraged but I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed and realizing what a poor decision is was of me to quit college when I was 19.

The ADN (Associates Degree Nurse) program at PCC is a very difficult program to get into. For the 2010 program, 1,005 applied, the top 160 were asked to the interview, they accepted the top 100 and had 25 alternates out of the 160. All 160 chosen had a GPA of 3.9 or better, had completed all required prerequisites by the time they submitted their application, majority also had bulk of the prerequisites for the BSN (Math 243 = stats, plus 2 foreign language credits) and previous degrees and/or certifications with hospital hours.

The ADN program only cost $11,000 - that's for both years!!??!! I was so happily pleased with this. BUT - there is no part-time students allowed and classes and clinics are Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm. OHSU will then allow graduating ADNs from PCC to take the accelerated BSN for $24,000, but you get your BSN in 1 year, or could go part-time, get it in two years for an additional $4,000-$5,000.

I knew I would be taking out a hefty loan for nursing school, I just wasn't prepared to hear the GPAs that were accepted. My GPA sucks right now (compared to 3.9) so I'm considering spreading out my associates an additional year (regretful sigh). Instead of getting it in 3 years, it may be wiser of me to get it in 4 years while getting my CNA I and CNA II, earning those crucial hospital hours and certifications to beef up my application. All the while going to PCC as a part-time student will allow me to put a lot more focus into my GPA. Truly becoming an A student, not just a B (sometimes C).

For me to accept that I'll be over 30 when I graduate - even the idea gets me teary-eyed. I have some time to let this marinate to weigh my options. It only costs $40 to apply for the nursing program and you can apply as many times as you'd like. So, it wouldn't hurt to stay on course, submit my application in January and see what happens. Who knows, I could really kick some serious ass this term and summer term and get my GPA above 3.5!!

Ok, off to dinner at Audrey's.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Noon hour

I love coming home to Buddy... even if he sleeps with his stinky, old man face in my pillow.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No hullabaloo

Nothing exciting to post (yawn).
What can I say? It's the week before finals; all I'm doing is reading and writing and (duh) BEING SICK!! Grrr... I'm feeling much better today. Thanks to salt water gargles and cold meds.

My dinner was fantastic tonight!! It totally hit the spot.

Acai Berry Wheat Bread + Tuna + Swiss Cheese + tomato + Lettuce = delicious.

Ok, time to Bowflex.