Thursday, June 23, 2011

Words to live by

I look at this and I know I should do the following:

1. Stop giving more credit to people who have not earned it. Romanticizing their qualities or character does not triumph their actions. If they do shitty things, they are shitty.

2. Over analyzing my future - it hasn't happened yet so stop sweatin' it.

3. Tell the people I appreciate how much they matter... more often.

4. Stop caring that I sleep in. Most of my life I was up early, working a lot and thinking that gave me value. Wrong. How I treat people, how I chose to be more patient and learn gives me value. Not how many hours I spend working or how many jobs and tasks I juggle. That just makes me burnt out.

5. To stop fighting the urge to sabotage something cool just because it hasn't worked out in a long, long time. Be reasonable. Be logical. Not all men lie. Give 'em a chance to screw up, instead of labeling them as a screw up.

Being epic has a lot more to do than just your profession. It is a balancing act. To do epic shit, one must be epic. A champion. Be your own hero. This quote makes me want to be a better me. Period.


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