Friday, January 13, 2012

Room mates.

(Venu enters without knocking)
Me: Hi-mister-who-doesn't-knock-and-doesn't-live-here.
Venu: Wow, you make it so cheery to come home too.
Me: You don't live here.
Venu: Wow, it's like Seinfeld.

Reason number one billion why I like living alone. My room mate's ex boyfriend, sorta her boyfriend, well the guy that buys her dinner, rescues her when her car won't start and comes over at 2am. I'm rather annoyed today. Work was hectic but it ended on a high note. Lots of laughing and my co-workers helping me put a positive spin on an over whelming day. Long bus ride home, cold walk to my front door and I find that my dog has had another accident. And what's my room mate doing? The hell if I know.

Ignoring the puddle of urine soaking into the carpet. Ignoring the dog that in her state of sickness can't manage. I can't even get my coat off while I'm cleaning the carpet and he walks in. I'm just... done. I'm done with the miscommunication, the unhealthy relationship and co-dependent behavior. I'm done with having a room mate that is passive aggressive, bounces checks and has the balls to questions my responsibility of letting her borrow that much money in the first place.

I'm going to work very hard to save some money. I've put the word out there that I may go back to bartending/serving as a second job. I really don't want to but I have to get some money in the bank because right now, I can't even afford groceries.

I'm 28 years old and I haven't graduated and live paycheck to paycheck. These things usually don't bother me but in this moment, I'm disappointed in the position I'm in - and I only have myself to blame. I'm very much looking forward to passing time in front of the tv and trying to ignore my room mate.

I like to discuss things, she likes to leave the house for three days, not tell me where she's going and communicate via text... when she needs me to buy something at the grocery store. Now more than ever, I wish I had the same amount of selfishness and insensitivity as her (along with a hefty bank account) so I could just bail. Our lease is up in July. That gives me 6 months to save some money.

Six months.

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