Saturday, June 16, 2012

Facebook turning into MySpace

Hayley: Hi, I just got a friend request from you and I’m sorry to ask but, how do we know each other? Thanks!

James: hey, sorry we don’t know each other, this is a bit random… ok really random but um strange question… i had a bad experience the other day and ah just wondering do girls prefer circumcised or uncircumcised guys? sorry didn’t want to ask someone i knew thort it would be to shameful so algud if u don’t wana answer. sorry again.

Hayley: Ha!! Wow, well, good luck with whatever is going on and I think girls just prefer good guys and good chemistry with their partners. But if you’re with a girl that prefers one over the other and doesn’t consider the character of the man it’s attached to – dump that girl and get yourself a good woman J

James: thanks for replying J sorry I no really odd question but just worrying about it L so sorry for asking. oh right, u make a good point. but still wondering about it, any idea wat most guys have? lol  

Hayley: In the States, most guys in my generation are cut – foreigners and older generations tend to be uncut. How old are you?

James: really? why are they cut? What about younger generations? im 20 you

Hayley: I think it’s just a popular procedure for cosmetic reasons – it used to be about religion (Jewish tradition). I’m 28. How did you find me on FB?

James: i saw u were going to naked bike ride, i was gonna go to one here… didnt end up though (was to shy) ohh i see, seems kinda strange to me that they do. especially just for cosmetic reasons.

Hayley: Americans do most things for cosmetic reasons (unfortunately). Also, some believe it’s more sanitary to have their sons’ cut.

James: oh ok, do u thk boys should be circumcised?

Hayley:  LOL!! This is a really strange conversation to have but I’ll put in my two cents. I don’t care. I just care if I have good chemistry with him, if the guy treats me right, with respect and it feels good. That’s all. My advice; stop being intimate with girls that care about that kind of stuff. Looks are always temporary. Everyone’s body is different and too much emphasis is placed on perfection. I’d rather have a perfectly wonderful orgasm than have my partner think I have the most perfect body (and have no passion/connection).

James: yeah sorry, haha kinda why i didnt want to ask someone knew. oh ok, yeah im just self conscious cause i was gonna do the bike ride but yeah kinda self conscious about my bits haa 

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