Monday, April 30, 2012

I do it to myself

Being completely lost in thought with my nose stuck in my love and life psychology text book, I am struck by how often I find myself wanting more romance in my life. How much I wish I had a romantic man in my life, and how that would make me so happy. I don't want to say it's a girl thing, but it probably is. I'm allowing my mind to run with this thought, trying to be thoughtful and applicable with the highlights from my text book when my eyes focus on my tv - nay, the stack of dvds and books on said tv. Then it hits me - I do it to myself. 

I'll be my own romancer... until this romantic man comes in and sweeps me off my feet that is. Nonetheless, I'm not going to be loveless just because I can't find love.  

He's Just Not That Into You 
Sex and the City
The Princess Bride
Scent of a Woman

Love Letters of Great Men Vol. 1
She Walks in Beauty
The 100 Best Love Poems of All Time
Naked Lunch

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