Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dan Savage, thank you.

From today's Gender Mender in the Mercury.

"We don't have to be perfectly healthy or issue-free before entering into a relationship, of course. If that were the standard, no one would ever be in a relationship. However, we do have to be in relatively good working order..."

This made me very happy. So simple, so true.

I went out to dinner last night and the guy sat across from me, stating he has me all figured out. That I have my defenses up. That I'm one of those women that thinks she doesn't need a man... I felt bombarded. I'm completely shutting down from this guy, thinking "This is our second time hanging out... I'm not that easily defined."

Perhaps I'm not making myself 100% available. I am not a woman that throws herself at men (or a man) or makes it that easy to lock me down. I rarely worship every word someone says, so I guess if this guy thinks I'm not letting him in and I'm one of those women that just doesn't need a man maybe it's because he sucks.

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