Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oyster Urban Adventure Race

What the hell is an Oyster Urban Adventure Race?
The race is billed as the “Ultimate Urban Adventure Race” for its uncanny ability to combine pure athleticism with thought-provoking strategy. Your team will run-bike-paddle-climb- and perform other crazy athletic stuff to race around the city, answering clues and completing tasks. This amped, one-day race will have you doing things and in places you never experienced before!

Hosted in Portland, OR my team, The Rescue Rangers, raised over $300 for the Arthritis Foundation and we completed an intense race on foot, bike and use of MAX this morning.

(Kaleena, myself and Rob at the Lone Fir Cemetery - completing our first task - find a specific headstone, take a team photo and return to base for your next mission!!)

(roughly 3hrs and 40min after we started we're done!! Rob and Kaleena enjoying some brew.)

(yours truly - team captain)

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