Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joke's On Me

Two visits to Urgent Care (not quite as dramatic as the ER), in 37 days. Docs don't know what's wrong with me. High fever, stiff neck and generalized weakness - nope it's not mono and it's not meningitis. My delicious diet of amoxicillin and IB Profen is helping. Even if the antibiotic taste and smells like ass, my fever broke this morning.

Doc suggested it was stress brought on by finals? Maybe. I don't feel that stressed - the usual amount of stress. I wonder if the universe is telling me something. Stay home. Pay attention. Stop stretching yourself thin between work, school and socializing.

I've been listening to a lot of "Cake" lately, specifically their Never Never Gonna Give You Up cover. And I'm feelin' it. I've been very anti-committed lately, romantically. I've been on the hunt for casual dating (not that I'm a whore and I'm hooking up with dudes every weekend), I'm just more about not staying home, having good conversation and see who's out there. But lately, I've been feeling like I could put myself out there again. I would much enjoy the consistency and sweetness that comes with a (good) boyfriend.

And now that I'm willing, it's been hasta la vista on the boy front. Who knows - that could change. My birthday is this Friday and maybe that's causing me to be a little down. I'm not down about getting old, just another birthday without sharing it with someone special. My last birthday was, well, shitty. Andrew and I were on the fritz (hard core), he didn't even show up to my birthday dinner, as did a shit load of friends. Boo.

But I'm in such a better place this year!! I'm happy and feeling good. I have amazing friends, new and old. I just want to share all this happiness with someone special. Someone who can appreciate it.

I'll keep you posted...

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