Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Q & A

1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals or are they members of your family?
This is sad... I am down to one pet, the sweetest pup in the world, Sophie. Is she a part of the family? Without question.

2. If you could have a dream come true, what would it be?
For humanity, sanity, and peace to be the #1 priority to all people of this world.

3. What is one thing most hated by you?
Hate is such a strong word, but child abuse. In all forms, physical, sexual, emotional - it's just senseless to harm a child

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Payoff my car, buy a place, quit my job and just go to school and travel. I'd take care of those who (by MY standards) deserve it; certain family and friends will be taken care of. Donate a lot of cash to charity.

5. What helps pull you out of a bad mood?
Journaling, meditation/yoga, getting outside or walking Sophie.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Ick question... but depends. If you love someone who's an asshole, it sucks. If you're loved by an asshole, it sucks.

7. What is your bedtime routine?
Brush teeth, turn on The Daily Show, set timer on tv and fall asleep.

8. If you are currently in a relationship, how did you meet your partner?
I am a single lady.

9. If you could watch a creative person in the act of the creative process, who would it be?
I consider myself relatively creative but seamstresses!!!! I'm so jealous! I wish I could create clothes.

10. What kind of books do you read?
Besides school text books - I read Grisham, Scottoline and Kyle.

11. How do you see yourself in ten years time?
Ten years older. I have learned that you can never predict the future, no matter how carefully you plan.

12. What's your fear?
Being in large bodies of water, never finding love and never learning to forgive.

13. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the opportunity to visit outer space?
Screw space, I want a Hershey's bar.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
If the relationship was great, the latter.

15. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
Say good morning to Sophie.

16. If you could change one thing about your spouse/partner, what would it be?

17. If you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
I wouldn't.

18. Have you ever been betrayed by a family member to the point it broke your heart? Did you get through it?
Betrayal? Yes. Heart broken? Yes. But therapy and wanting to truly stop the cycle of abuse in my family has made me pick up majority of the pieces and move on.

19. If you could only eat one thing for the next six months, what would it be?

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