Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Pants MAX Ride 2011

Yup, that time of year again. Us Portlanders, along with MANY others around the WORLD but New York and Chicago and are the big ones in the USA - we ride the local public transportation (MAX, streets cars, subways, etc) without pants. Why? Because it's stupid fun!!! No Pants MAX Ride.

Prep at home - a little self tanner lotion.

The lovebirds, Adam and Killer, at the starting post: Lloyd Center MAX Station.

Me with the amazing Holly at the starting post.


No pants on the MAX.

More pantsless Portlanders on the MAX.

The lovebirds outside Yamhill Pub.

The girls outside Yamhill Pub: Stephanie, Olya, Katie and myself.

The appreciative worker at Borders.

The girls: Olya, Stephanie, Katie and myself.

The group of pantsless Portlanders at Yamhill Pub.

The group of pantsless Portlanders at Pioneer Square.

The after party or the "Dance Off, Pants Off" at Blitz. Katie, Stephanie, Olya and Adam.

I think Adam says it best here:

Dancing!! Stephanie, me and Olya.

MAX ride home... still no pants.

We cannot wait till next year.

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