Sunday, July 15, 2012

Online dating... really?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I did it. I bit the bullet and signed up for some online dating, folks. I haven't even been a member a week and I think I've received 50-60 emails. Now, this is NOT bragging. This is the sad, simple truth. I would say 95% of the emails received are from dudes looking to score, didn't read my profile so they're clueless on what I'm looking for because they are the exact kind of wrong for me.
I've been on one date. Mainly agreed because we had FB friends in common and could get a back story. 
It's time consuming, it's obnoxious at times and sorta a bummer because you realize it's 95% bullshit. So, in reality, it's just as much work as traditional dating, only I can do this in my pajamas, no make up, and half watching Law & Order reruns. 
I will keep you posted.

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