Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This need for new

I don't get it. It makes me feel so out of touch, sometimes. When I get ragged on for having an old phone (aka the "landline" as my friends so endearingly call it), I have a box tv in my room - not some sleek flat screen. My computer is a PC, with a 19' scratched screen and used Dell speakers (which I guess is shit). I buy almost all my clothes used (along with my books).
I never wanted the latest and greatest gadget or car. I love fashion but feel that it's all just recycles and spruced up, so instead of paying retail, I pay used and make it my own.
I spend most of my evenings sitting in a kitchen chair in my room, reading online articles, writing monologues hoping to string them into a one act, or watching Netflix from this P.O.S. PC.

...And I love it.    

My internet works just fine. My computer works just fine. My phone works just fine. My nano works just fine. Stop trying to force shit on me. 

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