Sunday, December 20, 2009

dog tattoos

For a very long time, I've wanted a Phoenix on my back. The position I want it varies a bit; either perfectly centered, w/her wings going from shoulder to shoulder then I see other art and I could imagine her wrapping around my side and her tail flowing down my back, maybe even to my hip. My problem is I have her in my mind but cannot draw and have no way to describe her. I keep searching the internet for an artist who's style I love and hopefully can use their work to have something drawn for me.

The other tattoos I want are to have Buddy's and Sophie's faces drawn in the fun Anime style. Just their adorable faces, Anime is goofy but I want to somehow incorporate their personality. Sophie has the tiniest black spot on her tongue and always has a twinkle in her eye. Buddy will stare at you, he will look into your eyes like a person does during conversation and will give you a toothless smile.

I'm itching to get started on the shoulder half sleeve I've always wanted. I found this great picture, I've dubbed it "Ode To My Dog." I think it's very sweet and speaks to me. My fondness for dogs can't be pinpointed to one specific event or circumstance. From a very young age, so young that I can't remember, I've had a soft spot in my heart for dogs.

One of my first memories I have of myself being so giving to dogs is when I was 6 or 7 years old (1st grade). Our neighbors house was separated from our side yard by a tall, wood fence. They kept silky terriers in very small kennels, stacked on top of each other outside, regardless of the weather. In this stack of kennels they also piled their trash; wood piles, cardboard boxes, random appliances. Amongst the garbage and crated dogs the possums, raccoons and rats would scavenge and poop. I remember knowing this was wrong and being so outraged that no one else thought this was a big deal. Without fear, I would stick my arm through the fence and offer these strange dogs handfuls of food and sips of water. I never considered how pissed the neighbors would be, the dangers of getting bit by the dogs or vermin or hurting myself in the fence.

I don't know how long this lasted but one morning I woke up, went outside to feed and water the neighbor dogs and they were gone. I was heartbroken.

My parents did not tell me right away out of fear I would leak this story to the neighborhood but under night's dark cover, my parents had removed part of the fence and rescued the dogs and gave them to my grandparents. My Dad then repaired the fence as if nothing had happened. My grandparents bathed the dogs and treated them for malnutrition and whatever else ailed them.

The bond I have made w/my dog Sophie, my nearly 11 year old sheltie, is one that is so special to me. She has been my greatest companion. She has been a constant positive distraction in my life. I got her when I was 17 years old and the longest we've been apart is 6 days.

Her place in my life has determined where I live, my schedule, vacations, etc. I won't say it's like having a kid, b/c its not. I have a friend I know I will out live. It's bitter sweet. I know our time together has an expiration date, so every time she makes me feel free or helps me find peace I make sure to permanently record that moment in my mind. But that is not enough. She is permanently apart of me, so I want to display what she has given to me and there is no better tribute then to have her smiling face and twinkling eyes tattooed. Once I find the right artist in the Portland area, I will have it done.

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paigey pie said...

That is so beautiful!! Brought a tear to my eye... I have googled dog tattoos and this picture came up and I'm thinking something similar myself to get tattooed... My dog Lola is a constant positive in my life and no matter how bad my day is she always makes me feel loved and complete. Good luck with your search for the perfect artist for your tattoo! We owe our dogs to be worthy of their devotion! =)