Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Hills marathon

I've had a ton of math and writing homework today and "The Hills" have been playing NON-STOP!!! MTV is having a marathon leading up to the premier. I on a few occasions watched this show. I just couldn't ever get into it. And I like reality tv (as reality as this show can be). It's pretty odd to watch Heidi's transformation (hair, tan, weight, boobs, face, wardrobe, etc) over the years crammed into a days worth of viewing.

Well, time to eat then back to half watching bad tv and doing homework.



Carina the Blogarina said...

Well, at least her wardrobe improved.. for the most part. Did you get in to it watching the oldies??

Hayley Freakin' Rules said...

I watched waaaay to much Hills!! LOL. It was interesting to get the back story and finally understand why everyone hates Heidi and Spencer. What a bunch of assholes!!