Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gentle Yoga

At an attempt to bring some Zen into my life, I'm taking a yoga class this term. The instructor, Sarah, is fantastic. Soothing voice, explains the poses and doesn't make it too much about spirituality. Today was my second session.

I'm not finding the poses challenging, I'm finding my reaction to some of the poses surprising. I can really relax and focus on my breathing and my body; this triggers something within me and I want to let go of everything and cry a little. I don't know what it is, it's not a huge deal it's just bizarre to me that something about doing the child's pose or Locust pose gets me choked up.

I'm indifferent about the class. I've only gone twice. I'm not leaving feeling better or well worked, just a bit disconnected. Or plugged in. I don't know. Perhaps it's a good thing. I do feel rested.

I'm still without some mindless tv to watch and surprise, surprise, NO HOT WATER IN MY SHOWER - I shall be bumming the couch with Audrey (and bumming her shower). Tomorrow is Friday - thank goodness.

Work, clean the old apartment and prepare for officially saying goodbye to my bad relationship. We're turning in the keys Saturday, (after the carpets are cleaned). I'm looking forward to next week - I'm determined to unlock my potential and that is what some say is the key to happiness.

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Stacy said...

I've been doing yoga too! But crazy insane power yoga...and I'm sore as the beejeezus!