Friday, April 9, 2010

they said what?

(While you read this, please keep in mind this is an actual conversation that happened in the office I work at less then 10 minutes ago...)

Woman #1: The end of the world is coming, it just won't be that obvious.
Woman #2: So true.
Woman #1: My son thinks Obama is the anti-Christ. He thinks it's a sign.
Woman #2: Oh I know!! That's what my mother calls him.
Woman #1: Who?
Woman #2: Obama - she calls him the anti-Christ.
Woman #1: Good. I'm so tired of that Muslim. It makes me and my husband sick! Thank God my son has more sense then most of his friends, ya know?
Woman #2: Good for him.

I know you'll face diverse opinions in any working environment in America but sometimes I feel like screaming and crying here. This can't be the "norm" for a business office, right??!?!! It will be my 7 year anniversary in June, so I don't know any other working environment.

Ahhh... this makes it even more clear that I need to go to school, graduate and get a new job.

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Matt said...

sick. you should punch them both in their baby makers.