Monday, June 7, 2010

OMSI Science Pub talks about cheese, last day of WR122 and are handicap drivers special?

Katie invited me to the Bagdad this evening to enjoy the OMSI Science info on (drum roll please) CHEESE!! It was quite interesting. Lisabeth Gaddik from OSU did a two hour info and Q & A on cheese. How it's made, manufactured, dairy specifics, specialities, myths and so on.

This was after I turned in my FINAL paper for WR122!! I sincerely and thoroughly enjoyed this class. The instructor was very thought provoking, the class was eager to have open forum discussions on the text and it felt more like a bi-weekly meeting of the minds vs. a writing course.

I got 92/100 on my last paper (yes!!). I'm very pleased with this. That's the best grade on a paper this term.

And handicap driver, er, parkers - wtf? I really wish I would have snapped a picture but... someone parked in a handicap parking spot (they had the handicap parking pass, don't worry) but did the douche bag thing of taking up two handicap parking spots!! WTF??

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