Saturday, June 12, 2010

parades, running and finals

Whew! Just finished 2 miles and wow! IT'S HOT OUTSIDE!! says it's 71* but when running on a major road, with cars zipping by and no shade, it feels a lot hotter!

Ok, today is the Portland Rose Festival's Grand Floral Parade. It started at 10am and they wanted $30 to go. Uh - PASS! The Cirque De Cycling at 3pm - bike riders in crazy costumes and floats over bikes!! Oh yeah, and it's free.

I'm hopefully meeting up with either my sisters and/or friends later to enjoy the Rhododendron Gardens or hang out by a pool (if it stays warm). All to prep for my final final this term!! Tomorrow, 9am is my math final.

PS: Pretty Woman is on. Ahhh, I love Richard and Julia.

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