Thursday, June 10, 2010

summer term, rainy days and bbqs

I guess I shouldn't be thinking about summer term starting (although it starts in 11 days), when I haven't finished Spring term. My last final is this Sunday morning - math. Ick. Wish me luck.

WTF is up with the rain, Portland? I know, I know - it rains in Portland but not like this!! It's freaking June all ready and I'm wearing a raincoat and have my umbrella. My dogs have attitude about going potty in the cold, rainy mornings before work and school - I'm over it!! I don't want it to be hellish hot - just bring me that wonderful 75*, breezy summer.

The next three Saturdays are booked with a bbq, a party and a birthday party bbq. Sweet, eh? I'm hoping the weather holds up. I need to mingle with my friends and get my summer started.

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