Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cambrige Who's Who - SCAM!!

I receive a phone call - at work - from a jovial young woman asking me to verify some information. I'm assuming it's a bank or broker about to question me about the dealership I work for but no - she has my email address, knows where I work, etc. She was calling from Cambridge Who's Who and guess what? CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've been selected.

Puzzled, I ask her how she got my information. Either I filled out an application (uh, no way) or I was found through a professional networking system (Huh? Linkedin?). Anyway, this woman starts explaining what this means, me being selected for the 2011 Cambridge Who's Who list: all these doors will open for me, I'll have people all over the United States knowing about my work history and education, possible scholarships and work promotions; I'll be listed on their website with my bio and all I have to do is choose between either the Gold or the Platinum membership.

Uh, what? I thought I was selected or won this title? Guess not! For a mere $799 up front and $199 for publishing I could be a Platinum member. This means I'll FOREVER be in the Cambridge Who's Who listing, I'll receive an airline voucher (worth up to $450!) and some other bullshit bonus of getting my name put on a Google, Yahoo and some other search engine. Or for the bargain price of only $599 up front and $100 at publishing become a Gold member. I get everything above except it's only good for 5 years.

I hung up.

The internet is a crazy place. Please don't ever call me again Cambridge Who's Who list. I don't care.


MixersNutrition said...

Thanks for the heads up. I just got the same run around and I actually gave them my information. Stupid I know, but anyway thanks.

Destinee said...

Glad I read this. I just got a letter from them in the mail and it actually looks and sounds legit. Oh well.

drewwster said...

Simplysurveillance.net got the call from cambridge I think if you're chosen you should not owe thing