Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5k questions part ii

51. Make up a definition for the following silly words...
Fruitgoogle: an over priced cocktail in Vegas
Ambytime: what I do before bed
Asscactus: drunk + falling in bark dust

52. What was the last thing you made with your own hands?
chicken gyros

53. What was your favorite toy as a child?
hands down - BARBIE!!

54. How many TV’s are in your house?
Two; bedroom and living rm.

55. What is your favorite thing to do outside?
So much - hike, camp, walk my dog, do my homework...

56. How do you feel when you see a rainbow?
No different than how I feel about a rainbowless sky.

57. Have you ever dreamt a dream that came true?
I swear I dreamed the plot of LOST years ago...

58. Have you ever been to a psychic/tarot reader?
Yes... many times.

59. What is your idea of paradise?
Living in the city but still have a yard, being able to walk or ride my bike just about everywhere I need, a true separation of church and state, coming home to someone I love and trust, cars don't pollute, no one goes hungry and everyone has the opportunity at a higher education and has health insurance.

60. Do you believe in god and if so what is he/she/it like?
I think God is real to those who need him/her.

61. Do you believe in Hell?

62. What one thing have you done that most people haven't?
Loved... truly loved someone.

63. What is the kindest thing you have ever done?
I don't know.

64. Are you a patient person?
Eek... ask my co-workers and friends.

65. What holiday should exist but doesn't?
Attend Religious Services Outside of Your Own and Try to Learn a Bit of Tolerance Day. (Jess, I'm keeping your answer).

66. What holiday shouldn't exist but does?
No opinion, sorry.

67. What's the best joke you ever heard?
A grasshopper walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, "Do ya know we have a drink named after you?" The grasshopper says, "You got a drink named Steve?"

68. Where is the most fun place you have EVER been?
Don't know - I bring the fun everywhere I go.

69. Is your hair natural or dyed?
Very dyed.

70. Do you have any deep dark secrets or are you pretty much up front?
I'd like to say yes but I don't think so.

71. What is under your bed right now?
the floor - I sleep on a mattress on the floor.

72. If you were in the Land of Oz would you want to live there or go home?
Oz would be fun for awhile, but I love P-town.

73. If you drive do you frequently speed?
Not really... maybe a little on the freeway but I'm pretty good at driving the posted limit.

74. What is the world's best song to dance to?
Dancin' in the dark.

75. What song was on the last time you danced with someone?
I dance alone... in front of the mirror... and when it's gettin' hott-in-herre I will ask if my butts lookin' big.

76. Do you prefer Disney or Warner Brothers?

77. What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo?

78. Would you consider yourself to be romantic?
Ahhh... it's my curse - YES!

79. If the earth stopped rotating would we all fly off?
No, just one side would be in the darkness while the other in daylight. (Gravity still applies).

80. What is the one thing that you love to do so much that you would make sacrifices to be able to do it?
My education.

81. If you (and everyone) had to lose one right or freedom, but you could pick which one everyone had to lose, what would you pick?
Whoa... I don't think I can answer this. I can't take the rights away from anyone.

82. If you had to choose would you live on the equator or at the North Pole?

83. Would you rather give up listening to music or watching television?

84. What do you think makes someone a hero?
Perhaps it's like pornography: you know it when you see it. (again, Jess, I'm keeping your answer).

85. What cartoon would you like to be a character in?

86. Name one thing that turns your stomach:
Child abuse.

87. What was the last thing you paid for?
Groceries at Safeway tonight.

88. Are you a coupon clipper?

89. Get anything good in the mail recently?
Jess sent me shot glasses.

90. Which would you rather take as a gym class...dancing, sailing, karate, or bowling?

91. In Star Trek people 'beam' back and forth between different places. What this means is they stand in a little tube and their molecules are deconstructed and sent to another tube somewhere else where they are reassembled. Only problem is when the molecules are deconstructed the person is dead. When they are put back together it is only a clone that has all the dead person's memories. So...Is the person who gets beamed the same person on both ends?

92. What insects are you afraid of?
I'm not a big fan of flying things, but I'm not afraid of them.

93. If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?
I love David Grohl.

94. What's the most eccentric thing you have ever worn?
I have worn some pretty crazy things... I did a runway show for "Neon" - a very wild boutique in Portland.

95. If you could pick one food that you could eat all you wanted but it would have no effect on how much you weigh, what food would it be?
BBQ short ribs.

96. What are your parents interested in?
Father: Jehovah, The Eagles, bbq. Mother: I have no idea.

97. Have you ever caught an insect and kept it as a pet? Have you ever caught and tamed a wild animal?
No bugs, but I've nursed a few baby birds before.

98. What is more helpful to you, wishes or plans?

99. When do you feel your life energy the strongest?
after a good night's rest... which rarely happens.

100. You are spending the night alone in the woods and may bring only 3 items with you. What do you bring?
a. A tent
b. A sleeping bag.
c. baby wipes.

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