Saturday, July 3, 2010

F*ck Miley Cyrus

I'm working a UFC promotion tonight that requires me to wear a short, denim skirt. Well, I DON'T OWN A DENIM SKIRT!! I'm 26 years old and can honestly say short jean skirts are never flattering on adult women - they're adorable on pre-teens that wear them with tights and colorful tops.

So I run to Walmart because 1) I know they cater to women dressing like pre-teens and 2) they're cheap.

The ONLY brand of jean skirts they have in the junior section - that are mini denim skirts is of course MILEY CYRUS! I'm a standard size 8 but in the Miley Cyrus world - I'M A FREAKIN' SIZE 15!! Miley makes mini denim skirts up to size 20, and this is the JUNIOR SECTION!

Arg. The skirt was $10 and it fits. WTF ever. This is just another reason why women shouldn't get tied up in what size they are. I'm an 8 at the GAP and a 15 in Miley Cyrus' line.


Stacy said...

It's because preteens & teen girls don't have hips! I had to stop wearing jrs by age 16 because of the hip issue. I wore a 4/6 in womens, but a 13/15 in jrs.

Hayley Freakin' Rules said...

LOL! So true. The truly sad part of this all is as the skirts increased in size, Miley still didn't increase the length of the skirt :/