Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble, gobble...

Yesterday was America's celebratory day of gluttony, mass ethnic cleansing and football, football, FOOTBALL!!

I was invited to Brian's family's house for the afternoon/evening. I had a fantastic time. Great, warm people, good food - all that one could hope for on Thanksgiving. This holiday doesn't weird me out as much as some others (Christmas, Easter, etc).

This morning I worked Black Friday Merrier Shopper Days at Clackamas Town Center. I look forward to this event because I'm surrounded by all sorts of people and my shift flies by because I'm so busy!! I reported in at 5:20am, set up my station and spent the next five hours checking receipts, taking information and awarding shoppers with gift certificates. As our gift certificates were running low (get'em while supplies last, folks!!) we decided to count out the remaining recipients in line so people wouldn't be totally pissed when we made the announcement that we were done for the day.

After counting off the remaining people, mall security and my co-team leader Noelle waved me over - people were claiming someone cut in line. (DUN-DUN-DUN!!) I approached the accused - a young girl, maybe 12, her brother a few years older and their non-English speaking mother. I told the girl that quite a few people have accused her of cutting in line - she denied it, as did her brother. The mother chimed in with Russian (which I didn't understand), but I insisted that many people claimed she had cut and that, unfortunately, she had to be removed from the line. That's when the tears started to swelling in her eyes and Mom again chimed in, rattling off who-knows-what - cue mall security!!!

He wasted no time on countless "ma'am" and "I don't think you're understandin' me - I am asking you to leave." I admit, I felt a little bad for the girl. Who knows if she did cut in line - it was the first time a group of people have ever accused another, especially a child, of cutting in line.

I left the mall, headed to Tonkin. Finished my shift - shocked I pulled through because I could not focus on a thing. It's nice to be home. I'm looking forward to an early bedtime and heavy studying over the weekend. Finals are upon me!! Happy belated Turkey Day, and Happy Freaking Black Friday ya'll.

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