Monday, November 22, 2010

Want some advice...

More of "What To Do or What Not To Do On a Date: From This Female's Perspective"

First: Don't ignore me.
How many times ladies have you had a perfectly charming, handsome, interesting man ask you out just to get you all dolled up and excited and what does he deliver from across the table? A whole lotta making inside jokes, talking about his favorite tunes and not interacting with you in the least. WTF? Why am I here if you don't want to include me on this date? Next time take some Ritalin psycho, and than meet me for dinner. Otherwise be straight with me - you just want an audience to your 'I'm so awesome' show. I have no problem with that. But you called the wrong number - you'll need an escort for that date.

Second: Doors don't open themselves.
I feel like I've said this a lot. Please guys, open doors. Open the door to the restaurant, when we're leaving the restaurant. Open the cab door, open the car door, open, OPEN, OPEN!!

Third: Flirting.
Thank you for telling me I look beautiful, or better yet, giving me your gaze just a moment longer than usual to make me smile and ask, "why that look?" Perfect opportunity for you to lay some charm on me. Yes, it seems so simple, (Psst! And it is!!), but say something cheesy like you just can't keep your eyes off me. Good ol' fashion flirting works for a reason.

I only had a few this time around. The dating scene, for me, is improving. I'm finding interesting, charming men in Portland that have a lot to offer but just not finding that connection. And that's ok. Knowing that there are some candidates out there makes it exciting again. I hear so many women rag on the shitty selection of men out there. I shake my head and ask them if that's really the case or are you just presenting a false you on the date? Be direct, be fun and light hearted. Yes, I have standards and post them here (humorously and seriously) but I keep in mind for every bullet-point I make for what I want on a date, I know he has one as well. And maybe it's me that's not meeting his standards and I'm partially responsible for the wet blanket that's been thrown over the evening's excitement. Whatever it is, my advice is expect as good as you give. Doesn't guarantee that it'll be a match made in heaven, but at least you can walk away knowing you gave the best of you.

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