Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jon Schneibel

July 6th, 1983 - July 20th, 2011.

Not fair. Jonny at a young age proved he was going to be a disciplined athlete; this catapulted his dedication in weight lifting and fitness making him a super star in the gym. A genius in the classroom and always a class act. He was of superior quality - a rare man of my generation. Jon got along with everyone, was thoughtful, motivating and quick to suggest a helpful remedy to a work out, diet or even a homework question. I shared in your excitement and felt pride that my friend was accepted into Linfield's nursing program. You were going to get out of the bartending gig and finally do what you were meant to do Jon - help people.

We met in 6th grade, you were my first kiss and my date to my first dance. Getting the phone call this morning that you tragically died in front of Heather (your fiance), the wind was knocked out of me. My heart goes out to Heather, your family, (Sue, Ed and Luke), and to the many, many, many people who love you, Jon. We were robbed. We didn't get enough time with you.

You will not fade, my friend. We won't let you.

Summer before 8th grade.

Jon with his fiance, Heather

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Margo said...

HI Hayley- This is Margo Russell. When I saw on facebook about Jon's passing, I googled his name and I found your blog post. It must be numbing to have someone that was not just a good friend, but so much a part of your coming-of-age, be gone so suddenly and permanently. I should be doing homework right now, but I just thought I'd write to let you know I'm sorry for your loss and am very sad for his family and fiance. I took honors English and honors government with Jon junior year. We had some deep conversations and I enjoyed hearing his perspective. It seemed he felt misunderstood sometimes in high school, when people labeled him as a jock or gym rat or whatever, but he wanted people to see all the other parts, his mind and intellect, and to know he was much more than a label. I really got that, and I was hoping to see him at reunion and see far he had gone with his weight lifting and his other pursuits. I am impressed that he was going to become a nurse and that he was engaged. I just can't believe all that could be taken away so quickly. Thanks for your post and for letting me vent to you, even if you don't post this comment. I wish I could attend this celebration of life on Tuesday, but I live in Massachusetts. Again, I am sorry for your loss.