Saturday, July 9, 2011


I was inspired by a friend's commitment to sobering up for the month of June. She hadn't been feeling at her best, was not happy with her job situation, money situation and wanted to change and BAM!! JUNESOBER. She was successful, saved money, got healthy and feels great.

I AM PARTICIPATING IN JULYSOBER!! It's day nine of not having any alcohol. It's not hard, but definitely a challenge when at the bar, or dinner (everyone drinks wine). I've always been a one or two drink girl but since the loss of my job and free time, I've found myself getting to be a four, five drink girl.

I have been presented with less than supportive comments from friends, but ultimately they can't say anything negative about me wanting to stop drinking for 30 days.

I'm looking forward to saving some cash, getting healthier (even if I don't really notice it) and simply committing to something. I've been feeling a bit restless for two months (being jobless). I'll keep you kids posted.

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