Thursday, November 19, 2009

eating sushi in the office

I should be working on my lab report, but I'd much rather pass the time by eating sushi and writing a blog, catching up on blogs and commenting on my followers' blogs.

Class tonight (Biology 112) was interesting. It's interesting most nights, but I really enjoyed tonight's lecture. I was able to get involved in discussions. Not that I'm a super genius, but I understood the basics of protein and DNA synthesis and could follow along w/the big brains in the class. It made the two hours fly by.

My first (and hopefully last) lab report is due tomorrow (Biology). It's boring to read, boring to write and worth a big chunk of my grade. I'm not sweating it b/c even if I do so-so on it, my grade in lab right now is kickass and I sincerely did the best I could w/the amount of knowledge and interest I had on the topic. It's about potatoes turning brown once you cut into them. Not exciting stuff.

Tomorrow night Andrew's friend Scott Pattison, (let's just call him Pattison), arrives for his extended weekend stay (he leaves Monday). Pattison is a pretty awesome guy. We get along very well which is great b/c Andrew and Pattison are as close to BFFs as heterosexual men can get. One problem w/Pattison, when he drinks, he destroys things. He destroys things by breaking them or peeing on them. This weekend is Andrew's 30th birthday. There will be a lot of drinking going on. I'm trying to keep this little known fact of Pattison breaking and peeing on things when drunk out of my mind. But now that I'm within 24 hours until his train arrives in Portland, I'm looking around my apartment and realizing how many of my things I like not broken and not peed on.

I'm hopeful that all my belongings will remain in their current state after Pattison's visit. I guess I'll update you as the weekend progresses.

I should get back to my lab report...
The one that needs only a few tweaks and then that's all I'm able to do otherwise I'm afraid my mind will commit suicide from being so bored.

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