Saturday, November 14, 2009

workin' hard and feeling it

Last night's promotion, The Big Chill by 94.7fm and Burton's sponsored by Widmer Brewery, was pretty fun. It was my rep, Charlotte, 24th birthday and I was working solo which worked out nicely. Burton had a fashion show, we did give aways; snowboards, gear, mountain passes, etc., I gave out 3oz samples of Brrr!! by Widmer through this AWESOME ice sculpture in the shape of "BRR" built up w/a funnel for me to pour the samples through to make them ice cold!! Very cool. The crowd loved it.

I worked a full day at Tonkin yesterday, (7:30 to 4:30pm), went to biology lab (6pm to 8:30pm), left early from class to get to Grand Central Bowl by 9pm, left the event around 12:30am.

Yesterday Stacy asked if I wanted to help out the Mazda side being a receptionist today (ugh)... I agreed to work a shorter shift (6hrs). I'm working 10am to 4pm then meeting Aud and Sio for a movie at 4:30pm. I have a ton of homework, need to start on party planning for next week's celebration and oh yeah - SLEEP!!

I'm enjoying a peanut butter cookie and Monster C by Odwalla now. My hands and shoulders are sore, but I feel ok over all. I feel like I need an extra day this weekend to pull myself together. I want to curl up on the couch, watch some SVU and catch up some reading for my classes. I really value my weekends and I don't mind helping out a friend, but I'm wishing I would have passed on today. I could have used the rest.

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