Saturday, November 14, 2009

mon amour Marconi

I spent nearly one and half years as a Marconi Mafia/Porkland/ hot girl on a hot mic in-studio guest. I was able to share the airwaves and talk the talk w/the man behind the sound, the man that for so many years gave me something reliable when everything else in my life was so unreliable. The power of radio is something I can't express. It captures me. I get addicted to radio and feel a connection to the people more then any television program.

This all started in my pre-teen years, 7th grade to be exact. I listened to Marconi on two different radio stations for nearly 10 years before I was invited into the studio to meet the man. My joy to have him back on KUFO cannot be contained. I get to listen to him each evening on my drive home from school. It's a great way to end my evenings. I cannot wait to be invited back in studio, my friend!!

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