Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank you Oregon Lottery

I like Scratch-Its. Not so much I've lost my car, my job and I'm living in a shelter. I allow myself about 2-4 Scratch-It tickets a month. I bought one this morning, it's called "Super Tic Tac Toe" It cost me $3 and the top prize is $30,000!!!

So if I win the top prize, I'm taking home around $20k - hell yes! This Friday is starting out with some excitement.

Super Tic Tac Toe has six games on one ticket. That's six opportunities for me to win big money, baby! Each game has the tic-tac-toe characters - but they do not correlate with the rules of the game. You scratch all the tic-tac-toe pieces off on your game to reveal images. Also note at the beginning and end of each row and column is a dollar amount ($3-$30,000). To win, all you have to do is get the same four images in either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. If you reveal four of the same images in a line which ever row or column or diagonal line they are in, there is the winning dollar amount at the beginning and ending of your line.

Super easy... and super fun!!

So I start... I can scratch pretty quickly. I don't do the anticipation game of stopping and whispering a little prayer when I get two of the same images - I rip right through this mother, hoping for the big win.

Game #1 - I'm a $5 winner baby!! That's a two dollar profit - this Friday is looking good.

I rush through my remaining 5 games. Dud, dud, dud, dud... ok, lucky game #6. I can feel it!! The shiny $30,000!!! is putting a glare on my glasses. I use my staple remover to reveal each image. Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest...

Damn... this it. I'm paying off my car!!


Ahhh... it's cool Oregon Lottery. You're giving me $5.

Till next time...

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