Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Swore a pact with the devil... true story..."

WTF Mr. Robertson?

How is the enslaved population revolting against the plantation owners who refused to abide by the Declaration of the Rights of Men (1789), which stated all men are free and equal, a pact with the devil?

Why can't this man separate God/Religion from politics?

Voodoo, which was widely practiced in the Caribbean, has NOTHING to do w/the liberties of people. The cruelty and illegal actions of the Saint-Domingue plantation owners refusing the rights of these enslaved people created the strain Haiti has today. The economical impact of the slaves now acting on their rights to be workers and not slaves influenced political relations w/nations around the world. The cost of sugar increased, rights to property, (the exchange of US land by southern plantation owners for plantation rights and slave-crews in Saint-Domingue were transactions that were no longer recognized once the slaves revolted), created much tension and broke ties w/US, Spain, France, etc.

That is what has caused the Haitians to be ill-suffered economically all these years. Not some pact w/the Devil to revolt against whitey.

Uhhh... Pat Robertson is such a blemish on the first amendment.

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Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

Pat Robertson is a blemish, period.