Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bald Bryan

One of my favorite talk-radio host is Mr. Adam Carolla. I became a Carolla junky in the late 90's; those wonderful middle-school years. I shared a room with my older sister Jessica in those days and when 10pm rolled around, we'd lock the door, turn down the lights and sneak listen to Love Line. With Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky. Two hours of adolescent-teenaged callers asking questions about sex, STDs, drugs, parents, love, relationships - everything! Throw in the truly every-day-Joe persona of Adam and the charming and dangerously smart Dr. Drew, I don't think I missed a show.

I never felt alone when listening to that show. Never brave enough to call in but always assured that I wasn't the only teenager that was going through the same challenges. The honesty and humor which the entire cast and supporting members of that nightly show practiced reached through the radio waves, into my bedroom and became real. They were my friends. They were who I went to for advice.

Carolla left the show and became a morning radio God! He was the reason I bought a clock radio for work. My drive every morning to work was for him, Teresa and Bald Bryan. When Danny Bonaduce joined the show, it was nearly enough to make me switch stations, but KROQ smartened up and sacked that douche bag.

Even more drama happened when CBS wanted Carolla to move to the East coast; the man has his roots in LA, a family, other jobs - he had to bow out. He has his own podCast and for whatever reason I never subscribed. On random I checked him out today and to my great sadness discovered that a month after his show ended on the radio, the hilarious Bald Bryan was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Ahhh... my heart sank.

His then fiance, now wife, Christie started a blog. She writes about Bryan and their new life; Bryan fighting cancer, Christie caregiver - together husband and wife. She is honest, funny and after spending way too much time today reading her past entries, I believe I have found a new favorite blog.

Cancer is a bastard. I am so thankful I haven't had a lot of experience dealing with it's toxic force taking over someone dear to me. Please visit her page, donate if you can. These two people deserve a long and happy life together.

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