Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sleep is awesome

I've been sleeping a lot lately. I find myself in my bedroom around 7pm, reading text books and want to sleep - and could sleep - till my alarm goes off at 6am the next morning. I've considered myself a morning person for a number of years but it takes me nearly 30 minutes to pull myself from my bed to get ready for work.

I think I'm preparing myself for a very busy March. It's the last stretch of school before my much needed Spring Break and I'll be moving. I don't know what to pack because I don't want to pack too early. I'll start the sorting process; figuring what I want to keep or toss or donate.

I also have to really buckle down and start preparing for finals. I have a paper to write, I must improve my A&P grade... I still haven't taken my car in to get the recalled part(s) fixed (accelerator issues, thanks Toyota).

Ugh. It's all so exhausting!

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