Saturday, May 1, 2010


Why, why, WHY - does my older, creepy neighbor always manage to sneak up on me while I'm letting my dogs do their business, and want to not only carry on a conversation with me about "how beautiful I am" but also pet my dogs!!

First, ew. When I'm standing in pajamas, a coat, my slippers, my glasses and I haven't washed my face or brushed my teeth - do not tell me how beautiful I am. Especially if I'm at least 25 years your junior. Second NEVER pet a dog while it's taking a dump. It's weird, it's gross, it's unsightly. By doing this are you trying to show me how comfortable you are with my dogs? Because it makes me quite uncomfortable. And I've said this - "Oh, don't touch them while they're trying to do their business..." But I guess it didn't stick.

The good thing, he's moving today. I hope his replacement isn't as creepy.
Happy Saturday everyone!!!