Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rescue Me, breakfast and 8 day count down till Jess returns to P-town!!

I've been a general fan of Denis Leary for some time. I am completely aware of his "Rescue Me" show that was on the Fox Network but do not have cable. Alas, Netflix has all 5 seasons - I've ordered them all!!
Wow!! It's taken me all week but I'm done with season 1 and two episodes into season 2. This show is messy, emotional, puts addiction and abuse in your face - and has hot fire fighters. I'm hooked.

I've made a delicious breakfast to enjoy while continuing my Rescue Me marathon. Italian toast. Instead of using bread (I don't eat bread), I used sourdough english muffins. You hollow them, crack an egg in the center and heat over low. It takes awhile but once the egg starts setting you can add all the yummy stuff: salt & pepper, garlic mustard, cilantro, shredded cheese, etc.
Cover, turn the heat up just a bit (maybe re-spray the bottom so the eggs won't stick) and sit back and enjoy as your apartment smells like a corner restaurant.
Mmm... I was going to take pictures but I ate the final product. Sorry kids. I'm that hungry!!!

Jess & Matt are coming back to Portland for a week visit in 8 days!! I haven't seen my sister since her wedding - well over a year ago. She's coming during finals week but I'm sure we can manage a meet up; stroll Waterfront, maybe get out to the Gorge and have a few meals.

Happy Saturday Bloggers.

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Jessica said...

I LOVE RESCUE ME! It's one of the few shows I watch. Just wait until you're caught up; you'll be picking your jaw up off the floor with the way last season ended.

Canada is rocking my world right now, but I'm really looking forward to getting to Portland. See you soon.