Sunday, October 24, 2010

UFC 121

Last night was UFC 121 with the main event being Brock Lesnar defending his heavy weight championship title against Cain Velasquez and... HE LOST!! Ha ha ha... I do not dispute that Lesnar is a gifted athlete - he trains hard and has spent years with technical and determined trainers/coaches. What I can't stand is his WWE/WWF persona that he brings to the sport. Yes, there is some serious trash talking in MMA, but I don't like the character - the larger than life asshole that he plays.

David and I were very bored with the Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Brendan Schuab bout.

Velasquez broke Lesnar's face at 4:12 in the first round. It was called, after Lesnar was stumbling around the octagon. To my surprise, Lesnar was a good sport after the bout, and congratulated Velasquez.

Tony brought me back an official Hooter's Tank from his Vegas trip. Ha ha ha...

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