Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flip Adventure

Tomorrow is the Muddy Buddy Ride/Run and my team 'Call Us Pumas, Not Cougars'; captain is yours truly and team mate is Kaleena, along with solo athletic diva Holly, had some running around to do in the prep/registration department.

First, we run by Kaleena's work to pick up her release form for the race.

Next, we meet up with Holly at her work.

Now we can make our way to Columbia Sportswear to drop off our release forms and pick up our team packets. But to our surprise, there was a live model in the window showcase.

We drop off our release forms, pick up our team packets and info but on the way out the 'Omni-Heat Freezer Tour' was happening. WTF is 'Omni-Heat Freezer Tour'? Good question. We decided to investigate and this is what we discovered: try on the new Omni-Heat jackets, stand in a freezer, get a free hat.

Excellent so far!! Dropped off our release forms, picked up our info packets, got a free hat... oh yeah, fake snow.


Jessica said...

You're out of control with the Flip use.

Hayley Freakin' Rules said...

It's only just begun!!