Tuesday, October 12, 2010


IT ARRIVED TODAY!! My Flip HD 8GB Video Camera!!!

(that's right - designed by ME!!)

(custom design - one of my favorite pictures of all time - Buddy, Sophie and Serena at Rockaway Beach, OR Feb. 14th, 2009)

(sorta looks like an old school game boy)


cwventures said...

Oh my God ! I really love that flip camera. My friend has it, I borrowed it to take videos and everything about it is excellent. The software is easy to use, the photos you capture are crystal clear, it is light,small and just the right size to fit in your pocket. What can I do to get it? Please, please, please I beg you, if you have any for promotion give it to me, am in love with it. Now that its new and better I wonder how good it can be.

Hayley Freakin' Rules said...

www.Flip.com or www.TheFlip.com (can't remember). If you befriend Flip Video on Facebook you get $15 off your order!! I'm loving it and take it everywhere I go.