Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Because I'm a follower sometimes

Catching up on Leslie's blog and ran across the eleven questions.

Eleven Questions for Others:

1. What does your name mean?
     It's English for "hay meadow." Yup. My name means a bunch of dried up grass. Awesome.

2. If you could write a book, what would it be about?
     Well, I've been in rewrite/edit with my one act for awhile. It's about blind dating and why I'm single. It's a comedy with a bit of drama.

3. What was your favorite subject in high school and why?
     I liked so many things in high school; English, History, Choir, Theater, Americana - and it was always because I enjoy the subject and my classmates.

4. You are at dinner with five people, dead or alive, who are your guests?
     You want to pick amazing celebrities or politicians but I would really just have dinner with my two best friends, Killer and Mariani, and then David Grohl, Superman and Stephen Colbert. Best. Dinner. Ever.

5. Who is your celebrity crush?
      I have it bad for Ryan Hurst (when he's Opie), Naveen Andrews and Jake Gyllenhaal.

6. What is the last thing you did/watched/heard that really made you smile?
     I read the Portland Mercury every day - specifically the Anonymous Rant. Everyday that makes me smile or laugh. But so does Dog Shaming and Bunny Food on tumblr.

7. What is the last thing you did/watched/heard that really made you cry?
     I'm a bit of a crier when it comes to films... I watched something last night that made me misty eyed.

8. Have you been watching and enjoying the Olympics?
     Nope. Can honestly say I didn't watch any of it... well, I was at breakfast and it was on the tv in the restaurant we were in but... that's it.

9. What 3 traits do you hope your children or future children have as adults?
     Wow, since I don't know if I'll have children I hope that I can pass onto anyone to be funny, honest and kind.

10. What is your favorite TV show?
     Law & Order SVU, Daily Show, Colbert Report, HIMYM, Dateline

11. What is your favorite family tradition?
     We don't have any... but I do really enjoy getting with my Dad and his brothers and playing music together.

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