Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Being a dick works"

Absurd. Absolutely absurd. This is the quality of men that seek me on
What's posted on my dating profile:

To help avoid any rejection, I do have a few deal breakers, so there should be no surprises:
1. If you use drugs. (And yes, marijuana is a drug).
2. If you are anti-LGBT. I'm not gay or bi, I just have dear friends that are; so this would be an issue.
3. If you live more than 20 miles away. I'm not interested in starting something long distant.
4. Gotta love pets. You don't have to have one (or more), you just have to like animals. I'm a dog lover.
5. You must be looking for a relationship and commitment. I have enough friends - I'm not looking for something casual.

Alcohol is a drug Haley

(It's Hayley).
I really don't want to get into a debate b/c quite frankly, 
I cannot believe  how many of these emails I get. 
But... I never stated alcohol wasn't. 
I'm  simply being up front about my life style and the life style of what I'm  
looking for in a partner.
That's it. I'm not here to defend or justify my thinking. 
And in no way am I asking anyone out there to do the same for their 
actions. Best of luck to you.
Ha ha, I got you to reply! Being a Dick works! Lol 

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