Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring term 2010

Grades for last term were posted today.


I don't want to (completely) blame my relationship woes on my horrible GPA, but... the proof is in the pudding. I have to re-take AP. I'm on a waiting list right now, but I'm considering concentrating on some other (easier) classes, busting those out and starting the three term AP commitment this Fall.

I was expecting it so there's no huge heart break or guilt. The class was ridiculously hard, I overloaded my courses last term and wasn't realistic about how much studying needed to be invested in a biology course. There. I said it. (Eh, typed it).

School starts next week and I can't wait to get into a routine where I'm not spending so much free time thinking about the ending of my relationship and my tiny apartment. The weather will be getting sunnier, I won't be distracted by my home life and in classes that are more about writing and reading, my strong suits, vs. memorizing origins of muscles and enzymes.

I need a little breather to re-boot. Here's to thinking positively!

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Stacy said...

We all have those semesters, don't we? I remember my sophomore year I got a D+ in a math concepts class. Math is not my strong point, clearly. However, D+ was passing for that particular credit, so at least I didn't have to re-take it! Although my GPA was majorly kicked in the arse.