Sunday, August 8, 2010

UFC 117 and Holocene

Last night was UFC 117 - no, I wasn't in Oakland, CA to watch it but was able to meet some buddies at Gypsy's to watch it. OMG!! What a great ticket and what a twist in events! I called team Silva going into the fight, but watching him get his ass handed to him for four rounds by local boy hero Sonnen was numbing. Than, wtf happens? Half way through the fourth round Silva remembers he's a fighter and puts Sonnen in an arm bar - now the drama; does Sonnen really tap out or is he just working through the pain and flaring? Truthfully, I don't know. Ref calls it as a submission and Silva wins. I wanted Silva to win from the jump, but not like that. Not by luck. It was disappointing.

Well, the night was young but I had to make a judgement call. The group I was with wanted to check out Holocene, I wasn't too excited about going dancing in SE Portland - that usually means a disco room with like four people. Also, I was going to meet up with Audrey and her fiance this morning (6AM) to do the Portland Bridge Pedal. Alas! What to do? What to do? I do the right thing and text Aud, "would you be mad if I bailed?" She said no. She didn't even get to REI today to pick up our race packets.

Nice. Off to Holocene we go. I was so pleasantly surprised; a smaller venue but just my style. Good house music laced with the usual club and pop music. Not overly priced drinks, a few rooms to lounge in and people watch - and NO COVER! Needless to say, I got home around 2am and am blogging 7hrs later. I'm a trooper.

My head is throbbing from the whiskey sours (the ones from Gyspy's and the ones from Holocene... ugh). But I had a great night. An absolute great night with old friends and a new one. I haven't been out with the boys in ages! This is all about healing and moving forward. Meeting new people and not shutting myself off from socializing just because of what happened with Andrew.

Cheers to taking control and recovering from a broken heart... and this hangover.

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The Urban Cowboy said...

New friends are the true remedy for broken hearts. Here's to mending your heart.

Oh time dance with tequila!