Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok... I don't have better pics, sorry. I spent way too much time having fun and not capturing it on camera. Hopefully once the gang shares the pics, I will have better ones to post.

(pool at the Westin)

(me - poolside)

(sorry, this one's blurry - Jessica, myself and Kaleena outside The Mirage)

($3 in the penny slots, won $12! This is the only gambling I did.)

UPDATE!! More pictures:
(me and Kaleena heading out to the pool)

(Pete and Kaleena heading out to the pool)

(me and Kaleena)

(myself, Jessica and Kaleena on our way to Tao)

(Jessica, myself and Kaleena at Cafe before hitting club Moon)

(heading to the roof top, patio party at club Moon)

(me and Kaleena partying roof top style at club Moon)

(view from the patio/roof top party at club Moon)

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