Saturday, August 7, 2010

the weird shit my dogs do

-makes love to his fooda (food) - he will take a small mouthful of kibble, bring it to wherever I'm at, drop it on the floor and then roll on it while groaning.

-loves licking anything on anyone, but especially arm pits.

-watches you do anything private - bathroom business, bumping uglies...anything! he doesn't touch, just watches.

-puts himself into a trance, a good, long, hard stare at nothing and will slowly lick the air.

-active dreamer; kicks, whines, barks, yips.

-shreds toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, paper. destroys them when no one is around.

-her cleverness has forced me to baby-proof my apartment. otherwise she gets into cupboards.

-isn't a barker but will puff up her cheeks and push the air out, as if she's trying to actually form words with her doggy lips to speak.

-if you ignore her, she will put her head in your hand... so you can pet her.


The Urban Cowboy said...

My dog is also an active dreamer. Sometimes it sounds like he's whimpering.

Stacy said...

Hahaha, Rory does a lot of those things too! She takes a mouthful of her food and takes it over to me, drops it, and eats it. She doesn't roll in it while groaning but to each his own! She is also a BIG toilet paper shredder. I have to make sure I close the bathroom door at night because otherwise, in the morning, there will be TP everywhere!!!!!!!!!